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State of the art audio specific hardware.
We hand craft every single Melco in Japan within our specialist audio manufacturing facility. Part of Buffalo Technology, Japan's foremost tech manufacturing company. Every Melco is designed and built without compromise, using only the very best audio specific components, manufactured in-house where necessary to meet our exacting audio standards. Making what we believe, is the very best Hi-Res Network Player, Music Storage, and Music Server on the market today...


Designing a fibre unit for hi-fi systems is a challenge. Because fibre is used in IT systems primarily for speed, and hi-fi doesn’t need fibre for speed, it needs it for clarity! In fact reducing the comms speed of the MC01 to 100Mb/s improves the sound quality of a network player. This is possible simply by setting a couple of switches. Internally, the construction of MC01 is to Enterprise Standards and this extends to the massive Ethernet magnetics that couple to the copper part of the network.

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From concept to design, the goal for our Plixir products has been clear: the accurate and natural reproduction of PureTone.
Whether it’s a bright and brassy musical passage, or the sharp tones characteristic of a vocal singer, PureTone accurately and unbiasedly reproduces all the nuances in timbre – nothing more, nothing less...

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The NuPrime team continues to advance audio product development, whether high-end audio decoders, streaming media all-in-ones, preamps, power amplifiers, clean power supplies, and new categories of future products. NuPrime’s vertically integrated manufacturing takes products from conception to mass production. NuPrime products encompass design philosophies only seen at the much higher price point, which aligns with their pursuit of creating high-end audio components at affordable prices...

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