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The Ear – BEST BUY

The is more than one way of getting data from A to B as Openreach employees know only too well, they are people... [read more]

HiFi Statement – TEST

It has been clear to me for some time that the interruption of LAN cables by optical fibres and media converters... [read more]


The ADOT MC01 Fibre Network Kit converts your eithernet signal using copper wires into a signal using fibre optics... [read more]


At a glance, this fibre conversion from Melco distributor ADMM looks like a tricky sell. There are numerous fibre... [read more]

HiFi Pig – Melco N1-S38 Review

The Melco name has become synonymous with high-quality audiophile music servers since first introducing their ground-breaking N1A and N1Z models eight or nine years ago. Surprisingly the brand, which hails from Nagoya in Japan, entered the audio world as a manufacturer of high-mass turntables with outboard motors... [read more]

HiFi Choice - C100 Ethernet cable

I hook up the cable between my network hub and Cambridge Audio Azur 851N streamer, and select a 24-bit/192kHz FLAC of Lyn Stanley’s Pink Cadillac. The imaging is spot on, which indicates good timing and negligible jitter... [read more]

The Ear - Melco N5: BEST of 2023

If you want to hear streamed music at its very best you need a super quiet library to store your files, the Melco N5 is one of the quietest and thus best sounding we have heard. A one box design with 5TB of solid state memory onboard...
[read more]

The Ear – Melco S10 for a sweet digital life

The Melco S10 could have been made to whip up the bits is bits brigade into a frenzy. The notion that a network or data switch can have a bearing on sound quality is an anathema to such flat earthers, but one that costs five grand would be too much.... [read more]

The Ear – Melco N50-H60 music library

The freshly launched N50-H60 replaces the NA1/2EX and joins the N50-H38, an SSD variant in the same chassis. Confusingly, the new model uses the same casing and switchgear as its predecessor, the only apparent external change being the upgraded feet which are said to have improved vibration feedback control.... [read more]

The Ear - Melco N5: music service with a smile

When Melco launched the N5 in May I was excited to see a more affordable variation on the N1 flagship that appeared in March. But then it occurred to me that Melco’s product numbering system is like Canon cameras, the lower the number the better the product.... [read more]


What HiFi - Melco N10/2-S38 review

What is the Melco N10/2? The company likes to call the product a ‘Music Library’, which is a pretty good description. Simply put, it is digital storage – 3.84TB worth of SSD (Solid State Drive) in the case of the N10/2-S38 we have on test here. That’s enough for almost 6000 CDs, though high-res recordings will take up more space, of course... [read more]


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